5 tips to change your life today!

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sunset happyness

5 tips to change your life today!

sunset happyness

This is the most important point to undestand, read this paragraph with all the attention you can focus. If you are unhappy, frustrated, tiered every day, angry with your life, constantly faced with problems, hopeless and sad … Pay attention now! “If you are doing. Thinking, feeling the same thing every day or most of your days then you will get the same result every time” Nothing will change if you don`t change it, it`s life math 2 + 2 = 4 , feeling angry and frustrated will get you a bad day every time. Those this make sense? Here are my tips for changing your life today!

Let go of your problems.

At this second. Is there a problem that is stopping you from reading this article? For a few moments let go of all your problems and think of some good ones that you have and are grateful for. Don’t let the problems echo constantly in your mind, you keep creating them so just create something else to think about. This can change the rest of your day! One person can only solve one problem

Do not dwell on new negative thoughts.

Release any negative energy the moment you feel it again. Just let it pass don’t think about it. Rehashing negative thoughts over and over in your head, also known as rumination, can be unpleasant, counterproductive and in some cases, it can even lead to chronic depression. Do not worry Be Happy!

Listen to motivational speech

Build back confidence in yourself. You are a unique, unlimited potential, wonderful person. Never let anyone take that from you. If you think of failure guess what you will fail, if you think of success you can find everything to make it happen. All we need is the right motivation to keep putting one step in front of the other even if the way is not very visible now. Before other people give up on you, you will give up on yourself first. So have confidence in your self that you can do it and nothing can stop you. My favorite speech is from Will Smith. Please find the time to listen to this video that really touches my soul. 

Listen to relaxing music.

Anyone can tell you that music instantly changes your mood and its very true. But what I recommend is to listen to waves and picture in your head that you are on the beach and the sun is warming your skin or listen to raindrops and try to picture every drop hitting the ground, focus on the details of what you listen. Maybe 432hz music is more appealing to you, do that. Do not listen to music that promotes bad behavior or reminds you of sadness or problems.

Your mind is not your best friend.

Start ignoring that voice in your head that is constantly nagging, telling you about problems and struggling every day, reduce it to silence and do only one problem at a time. Keep positive thinking and focus on the current moment.

This is all you need to change your life, just need to be consistent with them and the good things will come! Please rate this topic and share it with your friends.

My inspiration and this blog is power by SFM, a very big community that offers mind-changing perspectives and business training online. 

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