Why would you quit your job?

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frustrated work

Why would you quit your job?

frustrated work

Just like me, you must be feeling hopeless, unappreciated, tired of working for someone else that will just replace you when you eventually fail. I was lucky to find a way out. Please stay with me as I will share with you what I did.

One day, in September, browsing youtube for some relaxing music when a paid advertising started. Like anyone, I rush to the skip button, but everything in my soul told me to listen.

Luck does not hit you many times.

It was about people… that still sell their time for money, feeling sad in their life, no hope, exhausted after a full day of work, no time with their family. He was talking about me… woking around the clock to get money so I can turn my dreams in reality… Then he said I can escape and still make my dreams come true. So I listen. Invest in my self, learn something different and transform your life! You have the power to do it. Do you want to?

Watching video content

This instantly created some hope in me and I said to myself, “If he can do it I can do it” and “I can handle this”! All that James wanted, because that was his name, was an email address and my attention to show me some free videos that helped him change his life.

Wake up and look at what else is out there!

As I was watching I got excited about a step by step program to learn everything I needed to make this system work for me. After all the videos I decided to register an account. I don’t fuck around with my money but it was asking for 30$ and the only way to pay was credit card and that for me was a red flag! I always look for PayPal, I have an account with them for 10 years now… so I stopped there. Next day an email, automated newsletter about the videos I have already seen.. so I ignore it. Day two, more come, something about a gift… I open that one but it was nothing to catch my interest. Two more days pass and I get more email, if I remember correctly it was about 5 reasons to start an online business, not very motivating.. but I said to myself 30$ is nothing.. and the website said money back if I’m not satisfied. If you don’t play you can’t win.

I don`t like long posts and I don’t want to waste your time, the link below will take you to the next post that will tell the rest of my story.

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