How I changed my life?

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How I changed my life?

To change my life i had to change my way of thinking first. I started doing something different!! Change will not come if you don`t make it ok? This is my first post on my blog here and I would like to start with just a warm welcome to everyone. I hope that you will enjoy this journey as much as me!

How did everything start?

In 2018 I found a post about “The Secret – Law of Attraction”, this was not the first time I hear this title, but it did not think much of it because it was an old movie from 2006. So I decided to watch it, and everything changed… All that information was like an overload for me, but I was very excited about everything. Soon I realized that the way to start was to practice will power on my eating habits because I was a bit overweight. With practice, I knew I could get better and move to more heavy dreams that were on my mind.

What I decided to do next?

I got the idea that maybe my friends could benefit from this insight I had and so I pick up the phone to start calling. Everyone I selected to call knew about positive thinking and energy, some even had seen the movie, but none of them knew where to really start, like practice will power on what they eat.

Soon after talking to a lot of friends I learn that eating unhealthy is what they actually want like there health was not affected by what they eat and doctors can fix any problem. Another exercise that was not for me, was quitting smoking and alcohol. I don`t do any of them. I give them a lot of reasons to do it but I was preaching to the wrong crowd… So I give up on this and started to apply only for me and my girlfriend that tried to follow my footsteps with some success.

research done

Sort side note, after the movie I did a lot of research on animal products that all extra cholesterol turns into bad cholesterol and that we have sugar in everything we eat including wheat, corn, potatoes, rice. Suger is similar to drugs and is the worst of the list.

What happen after?

Later I did research about keto diet, fasting and 4 hours eating windows per day. All of this helps me lose a lot of weight and started to feel very good about my self. At the start of 2018, I weighed 90kg (200pounds) and by April I weighed 59kg (130pounds). Now in 2019, I weigh 64kg (140pounds).

January 2018

I could see the fat just building every day in my mind, frustrated and more unhappy with my self day in day out.

April 2018

This was just a picture my girlfriend take and I think that is relevant, I can see a bit of six-pack. I did not plan this, that is why I don`t have another photo.

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